Kiya Ryokan in Uwajima is a stylish renewal of a historic inn. Guests can rent the whole building where Japan’s leading politicians and artists once stayed. Hơn nữa
The people of Imabari are often said to be impatient, and this is reflected in the way they cook. Consequently, the region has produced some quick but very tasty dishes. Hơn nữa
The Seto Inland Sea appears calm from a distance, but if you go offshore in a boat, you experience its extreme side. The bridges also look most dramatic from the sea. Hơn nữa
The area around the Seto Inland Sea is known as ‘Setouchi’. The Shimanami Kaido is a chain of islands and bridges with cycle paths across the middle of the Setouchi area. Hơn nữa
Ozu is a small town packed with interesting buildings from the Meiji and Showa periods. Experience a little Japanese-style nostalgia. Hơn nữa
The Hijikawa is a wide river that flows through the middle of Ozu. From boat rides to bird watching, there are several excellent ways to enjoy the river. Hơn nữa
Canyoning is one of the most exciting nature sports, involving descending through rocky gorges formed naturally over thousands of years by the action of rivers. Hơn nữa
The Saijo and Niihama festivals in the Toyo area of Ehime are held in October to give thanks for an abundant autumn harvest. Both are beautiful and exiting festivals. Hơn nữa
At Tobe you can watch craftsmen at work in their studios, browse for a work of Tobe-yaki that takes your fancy, and stroll around an area rich in art and natural beauty. Hơn nữa
From the Edo period, the rural town of Uchiko accumulated great wealth through trade in high quality wax candles. You can still see the merchant's elegant houses. Hơn nữa
Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan, is an easy enough walk, except for the last bit. Hơn nữa