Autumn in Japan

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The best of Japan in one of the country's most beautiful seasons, when the leaves turn red.

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Autumn at Shimabuji Temple

Located about 30 minutes from Seibu Chichibu station, by bus, the no.1 temple of Edo period pilgrimage abide in the tranquil hills. Shimabuji temple is presented to God of Mercy, don’t miss your chance to pray here. Best on autumn to see the the red-tangerine color of maple trees cover the temple.

Oyama in Autumn

Kanagawa's Oyama mountain is a popular hiking spot that is made even more beautiful in the fall. Colors brighten up the trails, while Afuri Jinja, the shrine on this sacred mountain, lights up its trees and builds a bonfire for trekkers to see the sights at nighttime.  The cable car even extends its hours late into the night for the occasion.

Autumn Colors in Ozegahara

The best visit to Oze National Park can be made during the peak of autumn season, where you can enjoy the yellowish or brownish grass at Ozegahara Marshland, together with the colorful fall foliage of the surrounding mountains.

Autumn Colors of Nishiyama Park

Nishiyama Park in Sabae city is one of the best places to enjoy beautiful autumn leaves in Fukui. Furthermore, you can meet a cute lesser panda and squirrel monkeys at a zoo inside the park!