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Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Created specifically for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium’s construction was completed in 2018. The stadium was built as..


Fuji-Q Highland

4 (3 Đánh giá)

Fuji- Q Highland is a high thrill amusement park in Fujiyoshida. The amusement park has plenty of rides to keep you entertained, including some of the..


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

4.5 (2 Đánh giá)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (東京都庁舎, Tōkyō Tochō) are comprised of the North and South and house many offices relating to the lo..


Tokyo Disneyland

4.3 (3 Đánh giá)

Tokyo Disneyland, one of the two theme parks in Tokyo Disney Resort, has been loved by visitors since it’s opening back in April 1983. So loved, in..


Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Considered by many Japanese to be the true home of rugby in Japan, the famous Hanazono Rugby Stadium has a long history, dating all the way back to 1929...


Huis Ten Bosch

4.4 (5 Đánh giá)

Một trong những công viên giải trí lớn nhất ở Nhật Bản nằm ở phía nam Kyushu, gần Nagasaki. Vào năm 1609, Hà Lan bắt đầu giao thương với Nhật Bản ở ..


Ryogoku Kokugikan

5 (1 Đánh giá)

Tokyo's primary sumo hall at Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館 Ryōgoku Kokugikan) was completed in 1985. It seats over 10,000 spectators and hosts 3..


Sapporo Dome

Hokkaido’s premier stadium offers visitors a thorough fan experience, with everything from on-site eateries to an observatory with a unique view of..