Odori Park

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Odori Park (大通公園) is a 13-block expanse of open space spanning 1.5 kilometers from east to west. The 78,901 square meter park is a year-round sightseeing spot home a variety of events throughout the calendar.

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Mở cửa 24h Đang mở cửa

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Thứ hai Mở cửa 24h
Thứ ba Mở cửa 24h
Thứ tư Mở cửa 24h
Thứ năm Mở cửa 24h
Thứ sáu Mở cửa 24h
Thứ bảy Mở cửa 24h
Chủ nhật Mở cửa 24h
Holidays Mở cửa 24h



Đến đó

From the south exit of Sapporo Station, keep walking south for a few blocks until you reach the park. Odori Station (via the Nanboku, Tozai and Toho lines) sits at the east end of the park, while Nishijuichome on the Tozai line is found at the 11th block.

Odori Park


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