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Tác giả bức ảnh: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum 2022

A festival to enjoy Tokyo’s cuisine will be held for the first time!

Nơi đến: Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Khi: May 20th - May 22nd 2022

Satisfy your inner foodie at "Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum" festival, a new food festival dedicated to celebrating and promoting Tokyo's outstanding cuisine. This spring 2022 festival will be held in Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, over three days from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2022.

This is the first year this new type of food festival will be held. In addition to booths from famous Tokyo-based Michelin-listed restaurants, the festival will also feature a wide variety of washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), world cuisine, and special products from all over Japan.

Tác giả bức ảnh: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

Five world-class, Tokyo-based Michelin-listed restaurants will be attending!

In the 2022 edition of the world-famous gourmet guidebook, the Michelin Guide, Tokyo restaurants won a total of 203 stars, coming in first place by a wide margin against Paris, which was awarded 109 stars. With 229 Bib Gourmands, which are inexpensive and highly recommended restaurants, Tokyo has made a name for itself around the world as a city of gastronomy.

At the “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” festival, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy fine Tokyo cuisine. One such highlight is the “Best Restaurants in Tokyo” booths in the Stone & Light Plaza, where carefully-selected Tokyo restaurants will gather.

There will be five restaurants in total attending:

  • “Simplicité” (Sarugakucho, Shibuya City), a French restaurant where you can enjoy fish-centered courses
  • “REQUINQUER” (Shirokanedai, Minato City), a popular small restaurant that offers authentic French cuisine
  • "CHARCUT” (Toranomon, Minato City), a bistro which specializes in charcuterie, processed meat projects such as pâté and salami
  • “Äta” (Sarugakucho, Shibuya City), a French bistro featuring a variety seafood and fresh herbs
  • “Lien” (Ikejiri, Setagaya City), where the chef-owner, who studied in Paris and Tokyo, will entertain you with delicate works that are full of nature's blessings

Michelin-listed restaurants are difficult to find at food festivals, so this is a rare opportunity to taste the highest quality of food. While these restaurants alone could be enough to satisfy you, do not overlook the many other booths at the “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” festival!

Experience the charm of Japanese food, and try out a variety of dishes!

Tác giả bức ảnh: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

The Stone & Light Plaza will also be home to a variety of popular restaurants that serve world-class Japanese cuisine.

With the theme of ‘Zen,’ HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO offers new-style Japanese food featuring flavourful original ingredients. For handcrafted soba noodles that are milled in the traditional style with a stone mill, check out Tsukiji Bunkajin. Taste ‘Japan’ at these restaurants’ stalls.

At Tsukiji Tenko, taste popular dishes including inari sushi made from soybeans and explore traditional foods with its Japanese BENTO culture. Stop by Edomae sushi restaurant “Aoyama Sanaka” and Edomae Tendon specialty store “Nihonbashi Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke” to enjoy the "Edomae experience,” which is unique to Tokyo, as well as a wide variety of Japanese food such as ramen and hot pots. Experience something new and dive into the previously unknown world of Japanese cuisine at this large food festival.

The festival will also feature a "World Food in Tokyo" booth (in the Stone & Light Plaza) where you can enjoy delicious food from around the world. Not only will you be able to taste different countries’ local specialities, but you can also sample diverse vegan, vegetarian, and halal-friendly menus.

Tác giả bức ảnh: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

There are also booths for popular sweets, specialty products from all over Japan, and hands-on content!

The charm of "Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum" doesn’t end with savory cuisine. After all the delicious food, Supreme Sweets (in the Flower Plaza) is waiting for you with a variety of different sweets and candy. From classics to newbies and, of course, Japanese sweets, Supreme Sweets is the perfect place for you to revisit old favorites and discover new ones that are bound to make you smile.

Aside from the food stalls, various other booths are also available at the event. Peruse special products from all over Japan at Tokyo Marche (sells agricultural and processed products in Tokyo), the Tohoku 3 prefectures support booth (sells special products of Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate), and the National special products booth.

Tác giả bức ảnh: Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum

The festival doesn’t end with just eating. At HALL500 & Foyer on the 2nd floor of the West Wing of the TFT Building, enjoy hands-on content where you can experience traditional Japanese cultures, such as flower arrangements and traditional Japanese folded forms. On the outdoor stage, there will be talk events by popular chefs and the SDG Summit, where children and experts talk about SDGs.

The festival also offers behind-the-scenes video content where you can observe food processes, such as watching tuna turn into sushi and the cooking process of tempura and ramen. Check out some special content featuring celebrities too!

“Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” is full of content related to food that will literally make you "full." If you’ve been feeling like you want to try new food or experience a variety of different dishes all at once, why don’t you come and join us?



May 20, 2022 (Fri) 11:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:30)

May 21, 2022 (Sat) 11:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:30)

May 22, 2022 (Sun) 11:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:30)

Venue Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Outdoor Venue Symbol Promenade Park (Stone & Light Plaza, Flower Plaza)
Indoor Venue TFT Building West Building 2F HALL500 & Foyer

Event details

Đến đó

Shinjuku Station → JR Saikyo Line >> Rinkai Line → Tokyo Big Sight Station (approximately 27 minutes)

Tokyo Station → Ueno Tokyo Line / JR Yamanote Line / JR Yokosuka Line → Shimbashi Station → Yurikamome → Ariake Station (approximately 28 minutes)

Ikebukuro Station → JR Saikyo Line >> Rinkai Line → International Exhibition Center Station (approximately 31 minutes)

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