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Spring Festival at Erinji

Enjoy sakura at Yamanashi's most famous temple

 Tác giả Cathy Cawood   20-03-2017

Erinji Temple in Koshu City was founded by Zen priest and garden designer Musō Soseki. It was destroyed in the Ōnin war, and later rebuilt by the Takeda clan who made it their home temple. The grave of famous warrior lord Takeda Shingen is there. Oda Nobunaga burned the temple in 1582, but Tokugawa Ieyasu restored it when he took over Kai Province (now called Yamanashi).

The temple has a beautiful pond garden, a small dry garden and several attractive buildings including a pagoda. The main temple building has nightingale floors (they squeak when walked on, preventing the stealthy approach of enemies).

Erinji Temple is also famous for cherry blossoms. Every April 12th a Spring Festival is held there, and people gather from all over to enjoy the blossoms. There are stalls selling the usual festival foods. There is plenty of free car parking available if you want to drive, or you can walk, cycle or take a bus from JR Enzan Station.

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