Apr 17th
April 2024 Champagne Concert

A Classical Music Concert with Casual Charm: Tokyo Sinfonia Presents Kanemi Kimotsuki 2024

2024 Music Concert in Tokyo

Nơi đến
Tokyo, Japan
Wednesday - Apr 17th 2024

Konnichiwa Japan Travelers! Prepare to be swept away by an evening of enchanting melodies and captivating performances at the Tokyo Sinfonia's Kanemi Kimotsuki Mandolin Serenade. This SINFONIA PLUS Champagne Concert on April 17 2024, promises an unforgettable musical journey for classical music enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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More Than Just a Concert: The Tokyo Sinfonia Experience

Tokyo Sinfonia is more than just an orchestra; it's an experience. Founded by the globally acclaimed composer and conductor Maestro Robert Ryker, the orchestra is dedicated to raising the bar for musical excellence while fostering a love of music for all generations. Their core philosophy — "human touch" woven into every performance— ensures a deeply personal connection that resonates long after the final notes fades. Mark your calendar for an evening of unparalleled sophistication, where classical elegance meets casual charm.

April 2024 Champagne Concert
April 2024 Champagne Concert

A Unique Evening Awaits

Tokyo Sinfonia, renowned for its innovative programming and warm atmosphere, presents a unique opportunity to experience the magic of the mandolin. This exquisite instrument, known for its delicate sound and rich musical heritage, takes centre stage under the virtuosity of Kanemi Kimotsuki. A celebrated soloist and educator, Mr. Kimotsuki brings his passion and expertise to weave a tapestry of captivating melodies.

Champagne and music in Tokyo
Champagne and music in Tokyo

Your Classical Escape

The program features a selection of captivating pieces, including works by Antonio Vivaldi, Tadashi Hattori, Niccola Spinelli, and Silvia Ranieri. Be transported by the lively energy of Vivaldi's concertos, the evocative harmonies of Hattori's duo concerto, and the introspective beauty of Spinelli's intermezzo. Mr. Kimotsuki's masterful performance promises a journey through the heart and soul of classical music.

Elegant Ambiance and Warm Hospitality

The concert takes place at the intimate and elegant Oji Hall in Ginza, Tokyo. This beautiful venue provides the perfect setting to enjoy classical music. Tokyo Sinfonia's signature warm hospitality ensures a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all.

Tokyo Sinfonia Oji Hall
Tokyo Sinfonia Oji Hall

A Night for Everyone

Whether you're a seasoned classical music lover or simply curious to explore the beauty of the mandolin, the SINFONIA PLUS Champagne Concert offers something for everyone. The program features a captivating selection of pieces, from the familiar brilliance of Vivaldi to the captivating discoveries of lesser-known composers.

Orchestra Players
Orchestra Players

Passionate About the Next Generation of Music Enthusiasts in Japan

The Tokyo Sinfonia is passionate about introducing young audiences to the world of classical music. In line with Maestro Ryker's vision, student tickets are available at a significantly reduced price, making this concert an accessible and enriching experience for music enthusiasts of all ages.

Book your tickets today and prepare for an evening of exquisite music and warm hospitality.

Event Information:

  • Peatix: get tickets here

  • Paypal: send to

  • Bank transfer: NPO Tokyo Sinfonia, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Akasaka Branch and ordinary account 9819543

  • Tickets: Available on Peatix, Paypal and Bank transfer (see details below)

    • Single ticket: ¥5,500

    • Group discount (2 or more): ¥5,000

    • Student discount: ¥1,000

    • VIP package (4 performances): ¥18,000

  • Date: April 17th, 2024

  • Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Venue: Oji Hall (Ginza, Tokyo)

Looking forward to seeing you there Japan Travelers!

Đến đó

Address: 4-7-5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo

Nearest Stations: Ginza Station exit via A11, Higashi-Ginza Station exit via A8 and Yurakucho Station exit via ginza exit

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