NAKED Art Station Kyoto 2023

Digital art at this transport hub

Nơi đến: Kyoto Station Khi: Oct 13th - Oct 21st 2023

Train stations are often more than just transport hubs – they serve as gateways to exploration and adventure. Sometimes, train stations can even be destinations in and of themselves, with events like art displays turning what are usually utilitarian spaces into vibrant galleries.

The upcoming NAKED Art Station Kyoto is one such event, and it has a couple of components. The highlight is set to be CHASEN, an experiential art display on the grand staircase of the station building's 4th floor. The modern-style tea ceremony uses digital technology that reads the movements of the tea whisk as participants carefully brew matcha, and turns that into LED art.

There is no admission fee to enjoy the displays, so be sure to check them out if you're passing through.

Đến đó

Kyoto Station is served by various lines, including the Tokaido Shinkansen, the JR Kyoto and Nara Lines, and the Kyoto Municipal Subway's Karasuma Line to name just a handful.

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