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Nakagusku preserves echoes of Ryukyuan kingdom

 Tác giả Selena Hoy   04-04-2013

Nakagusku perches on the eastern shore of Okinawa Island. The Ryukyuan castle, or gusuku, was built in the 15th century. Unlike Shuri-jo, with its gift shops and costumed staff and refreshment plaza, Nakagusku is undeveloped, unpolished, and unbranded. The ruins, lonely for visitors, consist of enormous man made rock formations stark against the brilliant blue sky and expansive green. The remaining walls and steps make a breathtaking platform from which to view the surrounding countryside. With only the crumbling foundation left open to the sky, there is plenty of space for the imagination to roam and listen to the ghosts of kingdoms past.

Hình ảnh bởi Selena Hoy
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