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Hotel Century Shizuoka

A good view, a good location, and a good night's rest

Tác giả Elle Harris   09-01-2018

While visiting Japan, you start searching hotels to book. Often hotels located at the station are simple and well designed business hotels. However, Hotel Century takes it one step father and gives you convenience, luxury, style, and comfort.

Hotel Century Shizuoka is a popular western-style hotel with 206 rooms, conveniently located next to Shizuoka Station. With a variety of room styles and sizes, Hotel Century offers inviting accommodation for solo travelers, families, and large groups. All the rooms are designed in modern style and feature views of the city. Some rooms, such as the Fuji View Comfort Twin room and the Panoramic Deluxe room, offer fabulous views of Mount Fuji and the cityscape. The hotel also offers a concierge service, restaurants, a bar, internet access points, and nearby shopping, and of course Japanese style high-class customer service.

In the morning, visitors can enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel’s restaurant, The Table. The restaurant features both western and Japanese style breakfast opinions. This included seasonal local foods such as sakura shrimp, a small bright pink shrimp used as a topping on various dishes, that Shizuoka is famous for.

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The hotel is a one-minute walk from the south exit of Shizuoka Station.

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