Yozakura Jewellumination 2023

Blooms and illuminations at Yomiuriland

Nơi đến: Yomiuri Land Khi: Mar 18th - Apr 9th 2023

Chú ý

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, they initially reopened only the outdoor attractions, but after taking all possible measures, indoor attractions (with some exceptions) were reopened as well last 3rd July 2020. Workshops and stage shows are suspended or cancelled for the time being.

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Yomiuriland is a popular theme park destination for Tokyoites, and it's perhaps best known for its annual winter illumination event. The park also hosts a springtime illumination centered around cherry blossoms, called the Yozakura Jewellumination.

The event includes a variety of beautiful after-dark photo spots, including along the park's sakura promenade which stretches for almost 200 meters. The illuminated sakura trees by the ferris wheel is another exceptionally scenic area.

Photo: Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.

There will also be a fountain light show for those looking for some added excitement.

Photo: Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.

The admission fee to the park after 3pm is priced at ¥3100 for adults, ¥2500 for middle school and high school students, ¥2200 for elementary school students and seniors, and ¥1500 for preschoolers. The fee also includes unlimited rides, so it's a great option for some family fun, a date night, or an evening out with friends.

Đến đó

The closest stations to Yomiuriland are Keio Yomiuriland Station or Yomiuriland-mae Station.

For those who opt to drive, paid on-site parking is available and is charged at a rate of ¥ 1500 per vehicle.

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