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Top 7 Benefits of Having Internet While Traveling in Japan

Don’t leave home without it!

The internet is an indispensable asset and serves as a source of entertainment, learning, navigation, communication, and so much more. When traveling abroad, these helpful tools become necessities and provide comfort and support in unfamiliar lands.

In Japan—with its vast train system, foreign language, and slew of must-visit spots—internet access is essential to ensure a worry-free and flexible journey. How else will you find that highly-rated restaurant or partially secluded shrine with ease?

So, before you are tempted to go off the grid, listed below are seven benefits of having internet access during your trip in Japan.

1. Getting around

Japan’s train system—although well marked and relatively easy to navigate—can still be overwhelming for first-time visitors. Therefore, having access to navigation apps with step-by-step instructions, corresponding travel times, pricing information, and more is incredibly valuable. These apps can also help you easily adjust your plans in the face of unpredictability and act as great information-gathering tools with their collections of rated and reviewed destinations.

2. Staying connected with friends and family

Although internet access does not provide calling and messaging capabilities, it does support VoIP apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Messenger—allowing you to update your friends and family back home about your adventures and wellbeing. If you are traveling in a group, these internet-supported VoIP apps also help you stay in touch with your companions.

3. Social media

Naturally, when you are in a country as beautiful and unique as Japan, you are going to want to show it off—at least a little bit. Therefore, access to reliable internet is a must. Also, thanks to their abundance of fast information, social media apps serve as excellent ways to discover new destinations.

4. From vacation to workation

If you are someone who likes to keep tabs on your work inbox while overseas or are traveling for business, reliable and secure internet access is nonnegotiable as it allows access to email, work messaging apps, online meeting platforms, shared documents, and so much more.

5. Surfing the web

While internet-supported applications and tools are very important, let’s not forget about the web itself. This expansive network of knowledge is full of information related to tourist destinations, restaurants, and accommodations in Japan. If you are looking to fit in one more temple visit or find yourself with some downtime, the web serves as an excellent source to enhance your itinerary. Might we recommend as your guide to all things Japan. Also, with travel tips, etiquette guidelines, problem solving, and more from thousands who have traveled to Japan before you, the web is a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

6. Online booking and shopping

An offshoot of our previous point, online booking and shopping are crucial for travel nowadays. Aside from accommodation bookings, the internet is also your exclusive gateway to numerous activities and their corresponding booking websites.

Also, if you forget to pack a crucial item or perhaps are looking for a nice fit for your night in the city, online shopping is an efficient way to peruse nearby stores before committing to visits.

7. Translation apps and tools

In Japan, people speak Japanese. Shocking, we know. Some people may know a little English, but it is not commonplace, especially outside major cities. While we recommend that you learn a few key phrases before embarking on your trip, we recognize that it is impossible to master the language in a few days. Therefore, translation apps, which sometimes require internet connection, are great tools to help translate both spoken and written Japanese.

Stay connected, and stay confident!

As outlined in detail above, internet access while traveling in Japan is—simply put—necessary. No matter your itinerary, the benefits of internet connectivity are overarching and provide peace of mind for your journeys across the country.

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