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Shirakawa Suigen

One of the famous fresh water springs of Japan

 Tác giả Ekaterina Bespyatova   16-04-2018

The first steps to Shirakawa Suigen start in an uninspiring parking lot in equally uninspiring surroundings, but after you walk under the stone torii gate you soon find yourself in the middle of a forest, with birds chirping and quick stream running alongside the path.

A short walk takes you to the source of the stream, the Shirakawa spring. Here, the surprising amount of water (60 tons per minute, they say) gushes out of the ground forming a pond. The pond becomes a creek, the creek later becomes Shirakawa river that runs through central Kumamoto.

There’s an area where you can fill up your bottles, a souvenir shop and also a shrine nearby, called Shirakawa Yoshimi.

The visit to Shirakawa Suigen probably won’t take more than 30 minutes, but it makes for a nice quick stop in Minami Aso area. This time I drove, but it’s easily accessible by public transit.

Getting there

Short walk from the Minamiaso Shirakawasuigen station on Minamiaso railway Takamori line. 

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