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New Shinkansen Luggage Rules

Large luggage reservation rules have taken effect

When people think about fast and convenient travel in Japan the Shinkansen (bullet train) instantly comes to mind. With its sleek design and unmatched speed, it’s a great way to see the country or simply get from A to B.

However, traveling with large luggage can be a hassle, not only for those doing the lugging but also for those in the vicinity. That’s why a new Shinkansen rule has been put into place.

Large luggage being toted on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines will be required to be stowed in a secure area—for the safety and comfort of all passengers. And how large is extra-large luggage? Well, anything measuring a total length, width, or height of 160cm to 250cm will be required to be stowed.

Get ready to travel in comfort and safety
Get ready to travel in comfort and safety (Photo: Rsa / CC BY-SA 3.0)

How to make a reservation?

Passengers who make a reservation will be assigned a seat with extra-large luggage space at the end of some of the reserved seat vehicles. And for passengers who think to circumvent the system and just carry their luggage on the old-fashioned way? They’ll be looking at a carry-on baggage fee of ¥1,000.

Best to just go ahead and make the reservation.

For those versed in Japanese, it can be as simple as visiting a Shinkansen kiosk and checking the luggage reservation box. For a full walkthrough of the process, be sure to check out the Smart-EX website, although it’s currently only available in Japanese. For non-Japanese speakers, reservations can be made by visiting the ticket office at the Shinkansen station.

In video: rule changes explained

What if I'm using a Japan Rail Pass?

Unfortunately, the Smart-EX service is not applicable for holders of the JR Passes with extra-large luggage. The reservation can only be done while purchasing a Shinkansen ticket, so it cannot be reserved while using all-inclusive train passes. However, you can consider using luggage forwarding services such as Zend or even local Yamato Transport, which will make your travel within Japan both stress and hands-free.

Midori no Madoguchi is where to go for ticket reservations
Midori no Madoguchi is where to go for ticket reservations (Photo: Own Work / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Baggage 160 will ensure that all passengers have a safe and comfortable ride on the Shinkansen. So, whether you’re just riding Shin-Osaka to Kyoto or going cross country from Kyoto to Tokyo, you won’t have to worry about tripping over luggage from other passengers or the even more embarrassing—having other people trip over your luggage! Safe travels for all!

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