Fuji-Q’s New Motorcycle Rollercoaster: Zokkon!

A thrilling ride perfect for adrenaline seekers

About two hours from Tokyo, deep into southeastern Yamanashi and next to the base of Mt. Fuji, is the famous Fuji-Q Highland amusement park (Fuji-Q).

After following a road lined with mountains and natural greenery, it’s pretty hard to miss the sudden wave of roller coasters, the screams of excited visitors, and the nostalgic smell of theme park snacks. Spoil your inner child with this curated experience—a can't-miss day trip to Fuji-Q Highland!

Perhaps the most unique characteristic of Fuji-Q is its use of the encircling scenery, as many of the rides provide elevated views of the beautiful sights. The park also has a hotel with themed rooms and views of Mt. Fuji!

Rides and Experiences

There is no shortage of rides, experiences and places to eat at Fuji-Q. The park is home to the Fujiyama roller coaster, and at about 79 metres tall, it’s one of the tallest and longest roller coasters in the world. If you’re looking for speed instead, the Do-Dodonpa is the third fastest in the world. Fuji-Q also has a variety of free-fall rides, two haunted attractions, a very colorful and enormous ferris wheel, and a water ride that will definitely help you beat the heat.

The park also pays homage to Thomas the Tank Engine with its famous Thomas Land and has a Naruto-themed town with the ramen shop from the show, a Lisa and Gaspard town with a mini Eiffel Tower, and other attractions inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam, Hamtaro and Neon Genesis Evangelion. There’s something for everyone!


But perhaps the most noteworthy attraction is Fuji-Q’s new Zokkon roller coaster. Get on this super futuristic, motorcycle-type ride that specializes in speed acceleration. Bound to provoke some excited screams and keep you at the edge of your seat, this ride has an abundance of turns and tunnels that accelerate at different, unexpected speeds. There’s also an unexpected ‘reverse run’ where the ride will accelerate in speed but move backwards! You’ll also hear Sekai No Owari’s new original music during the ride, as they’ve produced exciting and fun sounds that add to the experience. It feels like you’re riding a motorcycle, so hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Zokkon can hold up to 14 people and is available to those above 120 centimeters and under the age of 64. Make sure to remove all your belongings before the ride!

Fuji-Q is also a family-friendly park with lots of children's play areas. Please be cautious when waiting in long lines for some of the popular rides, and use sun protection while you’re in the heat.

Food & Pricing

After a long day of excitement you can re-energize at the Food Stadium or one of the many food booths located around the park. Fuji-Q has everything from pizza, burgers and donuts to Japanese food, Taiwanese food, Korean chicken and even a traditional tea house. They also have some fun sweets, like candy apples, churros, and even Lisa and Gaspard themed cookies!

The park is free to enter. However, rides cost ¥400–¥2000 each, and day pass tickets with unlimited rides cost ¥6000–¥8000 on the website.

Đến đó

One minute walk from Fujikyu-Highland Station on the Fuji Kyuko Line.

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